Karina’s Unexpected Gift


“I know that God forgives us for our sins, but the question is, will you forgive yourself?” This is the question that client advocate, Doris, asked client, Karina, when she came to Sav-A-Life for a pregnancy test. Karina came to one of our clinics for a pregnancy test, and was strongly considering an abortion. She said that mainly she was considering an abortion because the pregnancy was unplanned, she didn’t feel like she was comfortable raising another child, and she was really worried about finances. 

As Karina shared her fears, Doris was attentive and comforting. She asked Karina some questions, and when she asked her biggest fear, Karina told her she was afraid God wouldn’t forgive her if she had an abortion. These are such common fears and anxieties that clients have when they come into one of our clinics with an unplanned pregnancy. They fear adding a child or another child to their family, but they also fear the spiritual and emotional effects of an abortion. This is where Doris and Karina found themselves that day. 

Karina said she didn’t know how to answer Doris’s question about being able to live with her decision. As Karina’s fear and confusion reached its high, Doris put her hand on Karina’s and asked if she could pray for her. Karina, voice breaking, said yes. As Doris prayed, the words began to resonate with Karina and she began to feel a small sense of peace. She left that first day with an appointment for an ultrasound, but still many doubts about the pregnancy. 

When Karina showed up for her ultrasound appointment, she was still unsure. She felt like the baby growing inside of her was “screaming for life,” yet she couldn’t reconcile the financial strain it would be with three kids she and her husband were already parenting. 

After the ultrasound, Karina and her husband went home and prayed. She said they prayed aloud with tears in their eyes, “God, if this baby is in your plan and in Your will, we surrender to Your will to be parents for the fourth time. But please, God, You have to take care of the rest.” 

The strength and faith that Karina and her husband showed in the moment is overwhelming, but we know that God is Jehovah Jireh, the Lord who will provide. And that’s exactly what He did.

Their son, Zabdiel — which means, God has given — was born in June 2020. Though his birth was during the height of the pandemic, Karina and her husband were also able to buy a house for their family of six after her husband received a salary increase. Even when things were hard during the pandemic, they were able to see God’s faithfulness and provision.

Today, when Karina sees her son walk, run, and smile, she’s reminded of the great love God has for her and her family. Karina says that their story could have looked much different, but God brought them to Sav-A-Life and placed people like Doris in their path to help them see through their fear and place their hope and trust in the Giver of life. 

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Come and See What God Has Done!

Come and see what God has done: he is awesome in his deeds toward the children of man. — Psalm 66:5

Forty Years of Miracles

Thank you for joining in our first-ever virtual Celebration of Life! By now, you’ve seen Shanell’s powerful testimony about her encounter with God’s love here at Sav-a-Life. (In case you missed it, you can still see it here on our blog.)

Just like God brought Shanell to us, we see every day how God brings our staff and volunteers together with clients to make miracles happen. To give you a more in-depth look at how our ministry works and how God is using it, today we are sharing a short video documenting the history and impact of Sav-a-Life over the years.

I am also giving a video update on the progress of the event so far. We are almost halfway to our goal, so we hope you will join us in praising God for His wonderful work thus far!

Or text BetterTogether to 41444

If you already have a recurring pledge you’d like to renew or increase, email LisaHogan@savalife.org.

You may also mail your contribution today to:
Sav-A-Life, Inc.
1480 McGuire Road
Birmingham, AL 35216

We are so grateful to you — our sponsors, supporters, and friends! We are also grateful to the many healthcare workers, first responders, and public servants who are working so hard around the clock to care for our community and keep us safe.

These are challenging times, but we know that God is bigger than any challenge we may face. He has called us to serve, and we trust Him to make it possible! Our celebration will continue, and we hope you’ll make it “Better Together” by rejoicing with us.

Thank you for joining us in God’s amazing work.

In it for LIFE,

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Thanks to our Legacy Society!

The Lord knows the days of the blameless,
and their heritage will remain forever. —Psalm 37:18

The Legacy Society is an annual giving program for families desiring to make a generational commitment to our ministry. Our Legacy Society members have been instrumental in preparing and participating in our Celebration of Life. Thank you!

You can join the Legacy Society by donating at least $5,000 per calendar year. Please contact us for more information about making a Legacy Society Pledge.

Legacy Society Members

Amanda Akridge
Jonathan Cappel
Christ Fellowship Church
Church of the Highlands
Mr. and Mrs. Derrell Crimm/AC Financial Partners
Dr. Bob Crosby
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Donner
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dunbar
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dunbar, Jr
Dr. & Mrs. Greg Eudy
Mr. & Mrs. Clay Farris
Mr. and Mrs. John Fulkerson/Environmental Biological Services
Mr. and Mrs. Vance Fulkerson/Environmental Biological Services
Green Valley Baptist Church
Mr. and Mrs. William Gunnells
Mr. Wade Honeycutt
Mr. and Mrs. Terry James
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kinnebrew
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Larrison
Mountain Brook Community Church
North Alabama Fabricating Company
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Price
Mr. and Mrs. George Sarris
Shades Mountain Baptist Church
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Simpson
Mr. Paul Sutton/SEBFS
Dr. and Mrs. Dean Thornton
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Womble
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Worthington
Mr. and Mrs. Al Yother

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Thanks to our Sponsors!

Our wonderful sponsors stepped up earlier in the year to make sure our Celebration would be a success. Whether celebrating virtually or in person, we are grateful for their generous support. Won’t you please join us in thanking them?

Protector of Life

AC Financial Partners and Vulcan Imaging Associates.

Champion for Life

Altec, Blue Cross Blue Shield Caring Foundation, and Desired Temp Service Contractors.

Ambassador for Life

ARC Realty, Central Research Associates, Home Instead Senior Care, Mortgage Right, Stone & Sons Electrical Contractors, Restaurant Equipment Warehouse, and ThinkGard.


And to our individual and corporate underwriters:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Will Akin
  • Clinton Plastic Surgery
  • Farmers Insurance
  • Dr. Robert and Dr. Rupa Goolsby
  • Mr. and Mrs. James R. Grace
  • Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Jacks
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Jager
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis
  • Mr. and Mrs. Hugh B. Mitchell
  • Mrs. Rose Sarris
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dale Sitton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Pat Walters
  • Mr. and Mrs. Clay Wheeler

You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God. — II Corinthians 9:11

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Welcome to our Celebration of Life!

This is a love story.

We had hoped to be together face-to-face, but in these extraordinary times we thank God for providing the means to come together in spirit, safely, and work together to save lives in our city.

This week, you are going to see concrete demonstrations of God’s power at work. And I pray that you will feel the Holy Spirit’s power working in your own heart, as He produces the love and unity of purpose that is the supernatural hallmark of His presence.

That’s the love in our story. Jesus’ love makes us “Better Together” – as the Body of Christ, as two pregnancy centers joined into one ministry, as brothers and sisters pointing clients back to Jesus.

How to participate:

STEP 1: Watch our client Shanell’s testimony about God’s work through this ministry;

STEP 2: Make a donation. If you already have a recurring pledge you’d like to renew or increase, email LisaHogan@savalife.org.

Or text BetterTogether to 41444

You may also mail your contribution today to:
Sav-A-Life, Inc.
1480 McGuire Road
Birmingham, AL  35216

What else can you do to help?

  • Share our emails! We’re sending these messages to registered attendees directly – please forward them to anyone you know who supports the sanctity of Life. If you’d like to get event emails directly, please register here. Be sure to check your spam filter and add us to your address book.
  • Share on social media! We are posting these messages on our website and sharing them on social media. Please share those posts to your wider network, or send people directly to our site: Celebration of Life Online Event
  • This Thursday, March 19th, watch for a second video to view and share. We will make ongoing progress updates by social media.
  • On Friday, we will announce results.

God is sovereign. Ultimately, what brings clients through our doors is that God calls them there, because He wants them to experience His love. And ultimately, the reason you are reading this today is because God’s love called you here. Take a minute. Listen to what he’s telling you.

And then say yes. 

Please join me in prayer over this first-time virtual experience. We are still serving clients in the midst of this disruption — in fact, we expect a spike in demand in about 6 to 8 weeks.

We are praying for your health and peace of mind in this stressful time. Please pray that God will abundantly provide for the work He has called us to do.

In it for LIFE,

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Our mission is to uphold and value human life. Therefore, the health and safety of our guests, staff, volunteers and clients is our top priority.

In light of the rapidly changing situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Directors prayerfully decided to convert our annual Celebration of Life banquet scheduled for March 19 to a virtual online event.

Beginning Monday, we are sharing highlights from our program, with opportunities to participate and share. We’ll give ongoing updates throughout the week on social media, and share results on Friday, March 20.

One blessing of this change is that we can reach a much wider base of supporters, locally and around the nation. Your participation in this online celebration can bear amazing fruit!

You can give right now by texting BetterTogether to 41444, or clicking below:

Give Online Now

If you are already registered, you will be contacted by your table captain about how to participate. If you did not register but would like to participate, you still can! Just click below to sign up.

Register Here

You may also contact Beth Wintersteen at bethwintersteen@savalife.org or call her at 205.979.6329 for more information.

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