Welcome to our Celebration of Life!

This is a love story.

We had hoped to be together face-to-face, but in these extraordinary times we thank God for providing the means to come together in spirit, safely, and work together to save lives in our city.

This week, you are going to see concrete demonstrations of God’s power at work. And I pray that you will feel the Holy Spirit’s power working in your own heart, as He produces the love and unity of purpose that is the supernatural hallmark of His presence.

That’s the love in our story. Jesus’ love makes us “Better Together” – as the Body of Christ, as two pregnancy centers joined into one ministry, as brothers and sisters pointing clients back to Jesus.

How to participate:

STEP 1: Watch our client Shanell’s testimony about God’s work through this ministry;

STEP 2: Make a donation. If you already have a recurring pledge you’d like to renew or increase, email LisaHogan@savalife.org.

Or text BetterTogether to 41444

You may also mail your contribution today to:
Sav-A-Life, Inc.
1480 McGuire Road
Birmingham, AL  35216

What else can you do to help?

  • Share our emails! We’re sending these messages to registered attendees directly – please forward them to anyone you know who supports the sanctity of Life. If you’d like to get event emails directly, please register here. Be sure to check your spam filter and add us to your address book.
  • Share on social media! We are posting these messages on our website and sharing them on social media. Please share those posts to your wider network, or send people directly to our site: Celebration of Life Online Event
  • This Thursday, March 19th, watch for a second video to view and share. We will make ongoing progress updates by social media.
  • On Friday, we will announce results.

God is sovereign. Ultimately, what brings clients through our doors is that God calls them there, because He wants them to experience His love. And ultimately, the reason you are reading this today is because God’s love called you here. Take a minute. Listen to what he’s telling you.

And then say yes. 

Please join me in prayer over this first-time virtual experience. We are still serving clients in the midst of this disruption — in fact, we expect a spike in demand in about 6 to 8 weeks.

We are praying for your health and peace of mind in this stressful time. Please pray that God will abundantly provide for the work He has called us to do.

In it for LIFE,

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