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Help us reach fathers to transform families!

You can be a part of our ministry at Sav a Life, and help us in the fight for the lives of the unborn.

One of the greatest influencers for moms to choose life for their baby is the baby’s own father. Studies show that 38% of moms turn to their partner first in making the decision to keep their baby — more than they listen to their parents, their friends, or anyone else. If we can reach a baby’s father, we can greatly increase our chances of touching the life of that child.

Most guys come to Sav a Life because their girlfriend is pregnant, or because they need STD testing. It’s crucial that we show them we’re prepared to welcome them, and they belong there!

We show them support so they aren’t walking through the process alone. We also come alongside to walk with them through our long-term mentorship program.

Our group classes and one-on-one mentorships help dads learn to own the vital role they have in their family and in their child’s life. The best way to help them grow is through Godly modeling and discipleship. The support of our volunteers makes a practical and eternal difference in the lives of these dads, and in the lives of their children.

Will you step up? You can help by volunteering as a trained advocate or mentor to connect with male clients on site, or digitally through video meetings.

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