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2018 Sav-A-Life Calendar

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2018 SAL Calendar 02
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2018 SAL Calendar 01


Tamika's Story

I came to Sav-A-Life Pregnancy Test Center when I discovered I was unexpectedly pregnant.  I don't really believe in abortion, but I have to admit I briefly considered it because I was so scared and I wasn't sure about my relationship with the father of my baby.  My counselor visited me and helped me understand all of my options and calmed all my fears.  I had an ultrasound where I saw my baby.  I came later for my first prenatal visit.

I also learned about the Earn While You Learn program where I was able to learn what to expect in my pregnancy, learn more about being a good parent, and earn "baby bucks" so I could get many of the things I needed for my baby before he arrived.  Sav-A-Life helped me through my pregnancy and taught me so much!  All my friends were amazed at all of the things I was able to get for Bentley before he arrived!  I told them I earned it all through Sav-A-Life.

I am so grateful for everything this ministry did for me.  Thank you for making it possible for me to prepare to be a good mom.


Alexis & Tevin's Story


A positive pregnancy test isn’t always a happy surprise. When Alexis discovered she was pregnant, she had just lost her grandmother who raised her. She wasn’t sure how her boyfriend Tevin would react. She was overwhelmed and thought an abortion might be her best option. At Sav-A-Life, we recognize the complex emotional, physical, and spiritual needs that come with an unplanned pregnancy, so we developed a comprehensive ministry to meet those needs. We offer free and confidential services to women, men, and families in a loving, nonjudgmental environment. We care for uninsured and at-risk individuals with free sexual health screening, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, prenatal care, childbirth and parenting classes, relationship counseling, and material assistance.

When Alexis saw an ultrasound of her baby Emmanuel, she wanted to make parenting work. But she still needed help. Our Earn While You Learn program lets expecting and new parents earn Mommy Money and Daddy Dollars by attending classes or counseling. Clients can spend their incentives in our Stork’s Nest Boutique for all sorts of maternity and baby care supplies. Alexis and Tevin attended Earn While You Learn to gather supplies for Emmanuel, and working together deepened their commitment -- they’re getting married later this year.

Our ultimate purpose is to affirm all life by sharing the love and truth of Jesus Christ in both word and deed. You can help! Help us bring Good News to families like Emmanuel’s all over our city. Donate here.

Alexandria & Darryl's Story

Meet Christian:

Darryl brought his 16-year old daughter in seeking an abortion. He kept insisting that his daughter was too young to be a mom and just couldn’t continue her pregnancy. They had big plans for her future and becoming a teen mom wasn’t one of them. However, upon visiting with our fatherhood coordinator who challenged him to be the godly, earthly father he claimed to be and then seeing his 22-week old grandchild on ultrasound, he knew his plans and God’s were not the same. That dad is now a doting, glowing grandfather to an adorable 9-month-old Christian.

Latoya's Story

When Latoya realized she was pregnant again, she was completely overwhelmed. She already had two special needs, non-verbal daughters that required much care and attention and their father was deceased so she had no help. She couldn’t imagine having to take on another special needs child. God changed her mind when her ultrasound revealed Journey’s strong heartbeat at 6.5 weeks. She instantly fell in love and chose to accept God’s plan for this baby.


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