Thursday, February 23, 2017

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The information provided below contains contact information for all our staff. 

Contact Information:

Phone: 205.979.0302

Fax: 205.979.2270


Administrative Staff:

Lisa Hogan, Executive Director 205.979.2309 
Sally DeMetz, Bookkeeper 205.917.5084
Jo Ellen James, Donor Relations Mgr 205.917.5085
Stephanie Orman, Data Info Entry Assoc 205.979.0302 
Beth Wintersteen, Office Manager 205.979.6329

Pregnancy Test Center Staff:

Steve Longenecker, Director of Programs
Alison Funk, Nurse Manager 205.979.0434
Laurel Schweers, Volunteer Coordinator 205.823.1846
Robin Harper, Medical Clinic Assistant
Karen Robbins, Post-Abortion Recovery Facilitator
Janice Johnson, Family Education Services 205.979.1703

Administrative Office and Mailing Address:

1480 McGuire Road

Birmingham, AL  35216



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